Contender Sauna Jacket


Contender Sauna Jacket

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The Perfect Sauna Jacket for Weight Loss

• Accelerate sweating & weight loss
• Boost cardio & endurance
• Improve recovery

Model is 6'1" 170lbs and wears a size Medium
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Sauna Jacket Features:

  • Adjustable double-layer hood with elastic stopper
  • Reflective logo & detailing for max visibility
  • Adjustable velcro wrist cuffs with rubber patch
  • Side zip pockets with reflective detailing
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash cold & inside out
  • Do not iron & do not tumble dry

Our best selling Contender Sauna Suit, in jacket form. The Contender Sauna Jacket is designed to help you train at peak performance inside and outside of the ring. Engineered with innovative technologies and fabrics, the Contender Sauna Jacket's lightweight design, durable anti-rip exterior and heat-retaining components will help you pump out a sweat, boost blood circulation to your muscles and joints for enhanced recovery and accelerate weight loss. Whether you're using it for dynamic fight training, hitting the gym, road work or cycling, the Contender Sauna Jacket is the perfect tool for fighters looking to dial up the intensity on their training.

The Contender Sauna Jacket features an adjustable double-layered hood and elastic stopper for maximum comfort, heat retention and sweat, and is finished with reflective detailing to keep you visible in darker conditions. Perfect for early morning / late night road work or the gym, the Contender Sauna Jacket delivers an intense boost of heat to the body, allowing you to train harder and longer.

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Our best selling Contender Sauna Suit, in jacket form. Take your training, recovery and performance to the next level with the Contender Sauna Jacket - the best sauna jacket / top for weight loss. Made to increase blood circulation and body temperature, this anti-rip sauna jacket for MMA, boxing and weight loss will help reduce injury risk, speed up recovery time and boost caloric burn for ultimate weight loss.


✓ Lose water weight to make weight for a fight / athletic event

✓ Make your workouts more intense and get you in the mental "zone" while training

✓ Burn more calories and blast away stubborn fat

✓ Stimulate muscle growth by activating heat-shock proteins involved in recovery

✓ Boost cardiovasular performance for better endurance

How the Contender Sauna Suit Improves Weight Loss

The Contender Sauna Suit improves weight loss by blocking your body’s natural cooling process - sweating. Exercise increases your core temperature, which your body responds to by sweating. The sweat on your skin’s surface then evaporates when it comes into contact with the air, cooling you off in the process.


The best sauna suits for weight loss, boxing and MMA are purposely made to be non-breathable - to stop that interaction between the outside air and the sweat on your skin. When you start to sweat and your skin can’t come into contact with the outside air, the cooling process is blocked and your body responds by sweating even more. During a full-blown training session, that can translate to lots of sweat produced to help cut excess water weight, which is important for MMA fighters, boxers and other athletes.


At the same time, a sauna suit can also be used to lose fat, not just water weight. The increase in body temperature from blocking the cooling process also makes you burn more calories during while exercising, which accelerates weight loss. You can expect to burn a few hundred extra calories during a training session with a sauna suit versus without one. Over time, that may lead to serious weight loss.