MMA & Boxing Apparel, Clothing and Fight Gear for the UK

MMA and Fighting Clothes - UK

We supply the best fight gear and fighting apparel for the UK. Our men’s MMA, boxing and martial arts clothing are designed to help you unlock your full potential. From sauna suits to MMA and boxing apparel, our clothes are designed with specific movements in mind, so you will always feel both comfortable and supported in every workout, sparring session and during recovery. at Fighthaus, you’ll find all the latest innovations in men’s boxing and MMA clothing and fight gear to help you perform at your best and train in style.

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Premium sauna suits

Dominate your training sessions with the Contender Sauna Suit. Engineered to get your blood pumping and sweat dripping, this sauna suit for men will elevate your training by increasing blood flow to your muscles and boosting caloric burn for ultimate weight loss. Wear it when training, lifting weights or during cardio.

Whether you practice MMA, boxing, wrestling or any other sport, the Contender Sauna Suit can help you push your boundaries and take your conditioning to the next level.

fighting fit

The boxing and MMA clothes that we provide to the UK are simple in design and purposeful in practice. Our training shirts, shorts, joggers, base layers and outerwear are primed for MMA and fight training with breathable fabric blends and and a movement-inspiring fits.

That way, you can focus on what really matters - your training.