The Bushido Code is the code of conduct for Japan's samurai class dating back to as early as the eighth century. Translating to "The Way of the Warrior", the samurais were expected to follow the guidelines of the Bushido Code.

Even though the code isn't usually talked about, the 8 core principles still flow through the culture of fighting and have a place in the gym, in the ring and on the street. By wearing the Bushido Code, you hold yourself to a higher standard as a fighter  a standard that recognizes the grittiness, respect, beauty and loyalty in the fighting lifestyle. It's the way of the fighter - Bushido.

8 principles of Bushido Code: 

  • Gi (義) — Justice
  • Yūuki (勇気) — Courage
  • Jin (慈悲) — Compassion
  • Rei (礼) — Respect
  • Makoto (誠) — Sincerity
  • Meiyo (名誉) — Honor
  • Chūgi (忠義) — Loyalty
  • Jisei (自制) - Self-Control