Best Sauna Suit for MMA, Boxing and Weight Loss The Best Sauna Suit for MMA, Boxing and martial arts

The Best Sauna Suit
for MMA, Boxing and weight loss

The Contender sauna suit

At Fighthaus, we dedicated over 1 year working with some of the best activewear experts across the globe to engineer the best sauna suit for MMA, boxing, martial arts and weight loss. Alongside top coaches and fighters, we made sure every detail was covered - from the adjustable wrist straps to the high quality anti-rip design. Here are some of our favorite features that'll help you get the most out of your training.

obsessively engineered

We're all built differently - some of us have thicker joints, others have longer limbs. But that doesn't mean you should settle for an ill-fitting sauna suit. If your sleeves, collar, waist and ankle straps don't fit right, it can throw your whole game off. To solve that, we designed comfortable, adjustable wrist and ankle straps as well as a cinched collar and waistband for the ultimate fighting fit.

That way, when you're in the gym, you're focused on what really matters - your training.

anti-rip Sweattech™
Premium Performance

The Contender Sauna Suit is made with premium materials and promises a lasting service. Made with high quality polyester, a rubberized interior lining and finished with an anti-rip design, this sauna suit is the best that is available - by far.

Best of all, our signature SweatTech™ technology is sure to get your blood pumping and sweat flowing, while simultaneously allowing complete range of motion for free movement and training.

Sauna Suit Benefits

There's no better feeling than knowing that you're working hard. When the sweat starts dripping and your body warms up, it'll get that much easier to concentrate and get into the mental zone.


By increasing body temperature and blood flow, the Contender Sauna Suit kicks your metabolism into overdrive and boosts the amount of calories you burn during a training session.


The increase in temperature and blood flow throughout your body means your muscles and joints stay warm and well-supplied of nutrients to decrease injury risk and improve recovery.