Everyone is a fighter in their own right. We all have struggles and internal conflicts that we’re fighting to become the person we envision ourselves to be. Hardship, self-doubt and personal struggles are part of the human condition, but as Fighters, we overcome the odds stacked against us on the path to greatness.


We know what it’s like to stand at the bottom of the mountain, wondering if we have what it takes to reach the top - wondering if we're capable of achieving our goals. But we keep going - one foot in front of the other. Greatness is in the climb, not at the mountain top. It's in the sacrifice before the success - the grit before the glory. We push on when our bodies are tired and we feel like giving up. We keep moving forward when others would throw in the towel.


Fighting is about persevering. It's about testing yourself. It's about grit in the face of adversity. No matter where any of us come from or what it is that we're fighting, Everyone Is A Fighter.


Fighting is more than fight night. Fighting is in the journey - the early mornings and long nights. The grueling training sessions and mental battles. The determination to be 1% better every single day. We recognize and celebrate the fighting lifestyle and want to accompany you on your journey, whether you're fighting for self-confidence, fitness or to become a champion.



Our mission is to supply you with the best MMA, boxing, martial arts and fight gear / apparel. Period. We know you hear that from everyone, but at Fighthaus, we live it. We are a team of Fighters - we make sure that we would use our fight gear before we offer it to you. Companies have been pushing cheap sauna suits, training gloves, rashguards, hand wraps, apparel and fighting equipment on people for way too long, sacrificing quality for bigger profits. YOU are the ones that support us and it's time to be rewarded for the effort and hard work you put in everyday inside and outside of the gym. If you promise to meet us halfway, we promise to help you reach your goals, overcome the odds and become the Fighter that you've always wanted to be.