How Long Should You Wear a Sauna Suit?

How Long Should You Wear a Sauna Suit

Sauna suits are a fantastic tool to elevate your training and kick your body into high-gear during a workout. We’re previously gone over how sauna suits work as well as the benefits of wearing a sauna suit while training, which range from muscular growth to improved cardio and better recovery.

While sauna suits have great benefits, they should also be used in moderation like any other tool in your training arsenal. You don’t use hand weights and the heavy bag every single training session – the same applies to using a sauna suit for workouts and training. 



When you do wear a sauna suit, you should also take note of how long you’re wearing sauna suit when working out. We recommend wearing it for a training session when necessary. That being said, you should use your judgement to decide how long that training sessions should be. A 10-60 minute sauna suit training session should be plenty of time to reap the benefits. Longer than that, you might be sweating too much. We went over some pros and cons of training in sauna suits in this article.



Based on a regular standard exercise, gym or fight training program, or under professional guidance, you should train in a sauna suit for 10~60 minutes in a single session.

During the training session, you should make sure to take breaks when necessary and drink lot of water. The breaks make sure you don't over-exert yourself and the water breaks keep you hydrated.

Wearing a sauna suit for more than 60 minutes on a single session is not recommended.



Since it puts extra stress on your body, a sauna suit may not be right for every single training session. Consider spacing out your sauna suit training sessions to extract as many benefits that you can while minimizing the possibility of over-taxing your body. If you work out 6 days a week, 2-3 workouts with the suit should be plenty.

In the end, how often and how long you should wear a sauna suit depends on your body, goals and capabilities. If you’re a seasoned athlete that’s in tune with your body, use your judgement. 1-2 hours for a couple training sessions a week is more than enough. Invest in a high-quality sauna suit that'll stick with you through those training sessions, like our Contender Sauna Suit designed with some of the best activewear designers and manufacturers in the world.

If you’re just starting out or are new to training with a sauna suit, we recommend 30 minutes at a time, once to twice a week and seeing how your body responds. If you’re able to handle it, consider upping the time and frequency to wherever you feel comfortable. How long you should wear a sauna suit ultimately depends on your body's capabilities, but starting slow and ramping it up is the best way to go.


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