Choosing The Best Hand Wraps For Boxing | FIGHTHAUS

Choosing the best hand wraps for boxing | FIGHTHAUS

Hand wraps for boxing are essential for both training and competition. A good pair of wraps is important to protect your hands and stabilize your wrists for hitting the heavy bag, pad work, sparring and competition. Whenever you throw a punch, your hands are ultimately the point of impact. Without sufficient protection, your hands can become injured or bruised, and you definitely want to avoid that if you want to train consistently or compete.

Choosing the best hand wraps for boxing can make a world of difference. You want boxing hand wraps that will protect your hands and wrists from unnecessary harm, while still allowing you to comfortably throw punches. The best hand wraps for boxing have to be easy to put on, semi-elastic for comfort and a proper fit, sturdy enough for sparring or competition, and long-lasting so you don't have to continually replace them.


Ultimately, when looking for the best hand wraps for boxing, you need to consider 3 factors: 

  • Fabric blend and quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort

Typically, hand wraps are made with 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend to provide a little more stretch. While cotton may be the more durable option, boxing hand wraps made with a cotton-polyester blend are usually more comfortable and give you a little more control over how tight you’d like to wrap your hands. We recommend opting for a high-quality cotton-polyester blend to strike a balance between durability, comfort and control.


Breathability is also an important factor to consider when choosing the best hand wraps for boxing. Usually, the premium boxing hand wraps will allow your skin to breathe, keeping your hands cool and dry while you train. Breathable fabrics like cotton allow air to pass through your wraps, keeping you cool and comfortable. Breathable hand wraps also dry much quicker because of the increased air flow, which reduces the buildup of bacteria, odor and ensures they’re ready for your next training session (if you don’t own more than one pair).


Although most hand wraps are typically durable, there are some slight differences between a standard pair and the best boxing hand wraps. The top-tier wraps will usually be double stitched, preventing breakage with wear and tear. Many hand wraps also have a patch - usually a place for brands to place their logo or designs. If cheap or synthetic leather is used when constructing the patch, the patch will begin to crack and break over time, ruining the look and feel of your hand wraps. Opt for a pair of hand wraps that uses premium quality leather to make sure they stand the test of time. 


Like I said above, the fabric blend used to make the hand wraps determines their stretchiness. It can be difficult to put on boxing hand wraps if the material is not stretchy enough. Also, you won’t get a sufficiently “tight” fit. You need some stretchability in the fabric to ensure it is wrapped securely around your hands and wrists. If the boxing hand wraps are not stretchy, you run the risk of them unraveling inside your glove while training, and nobody likes that.

The best hand wraps for boxing will be made of a cotton-polyester-elastane blend to keep them stretchy, yet durable.


While less important than the other factors, you never want to be focused on how uncomfortable your hands wraps are while training. The best boxing hand wraps will be stretchy and soft enough to keep you comfortable while ensuring your wrists and knuckles are protected at all times. Avoid tough-rope-like hand wraps as those are generally thick and uncomfortable. 


Hand wraps for boxing usually come in 2 lengths - 120 inch (3m) and 180 inch (4.5m). While 120 inch hand wraps may make sense if you’re small in size, for most people the best bet is to opt for 180 inch (4.5m) hand wraps. With the extra length, you can sufficiently wrap your knuckles to provide the necessary padding for hitting the bag and pads, while still wrapping your wrist enough to keep it stabilized. 

99% of people should get 180 inch hand wraps. For more information, check out our article on the difference between various types of hand wraps.


To sum it all up, there’s a few factors to consider when looking for the best hand wraps for boxing. You want to make sure a) they’re made of a stretchable blend (cotton-polyester-elastane) tough enough to keep your wrists stabilized and knuckles protected, yet soft enough to be comfortable. You also want to assess the durability of the hand wraps - is there double stitching? Does the velcro feel cheap? How thick is the fabric? The best hand wraps for boxing will strike a perfect balance between comfort and durability, making sure they not only keep your protected and comfortable, but also stand the test of time.

Finally, consider going with 180 inch hand wraps for added protection for your knuckles and wrists. We recommend our 180 inch hand wraps for boxing - constructed with a premium cotton-polyester-elastane blend for comfort and durability, and finished with a top-grain leather patch for a luxurious look and feel, our hand wraps will help you stay protected, cool and comfortable when training. Check them out!

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